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Welcome to shadow_graphix, the screencap journal of ombre_tombee & poeland

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.::♥ THE RULES ♥::.
We don't have many rules, but the ones we do have, we expect our members to obey. *cracks whip*

You MUST credit shadow_graphix if you use or re-post caps in ANY way.

Please comment if taking! This journal takes time and effort, and we like to see that people are enjoying our work.

No bashing/flaming of any kind! The screencaps posted here are of personal interest to the mods. We're here to have fun, and share our passions with others.

Thank you, and if you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a note in the friends only post. ♥

.::♥ FAQ ♥::.
What program do you use to make your caps? Power DVD is the program that we use. It gives nice color and clarity, and is easy to operate.

What program do you use to upload your files? We have an account with MegaUpload, therefore all links will be to MegaUpload only. PENDING... If you find you can't use this site, leave a comment on the post you're wanting and we will create a temporary link for you with another sharesite.

What will I find here? This journal will be for DVD screencaps of TV shows & movies. Any fanart/icons will also be posted here. We mainly cap couples that we 'ship from TV shows & movies of our choice. To learn what those are, see the interests below.

What's the easiest way to sort through your entries? Definitely use the TAGS. They are organized by "type" (i.e. "movie" & "tv") to make searching easier for you (and us!)

Can I request screencaps? We will consider requests on a "case-to-case" basis. If there is enough popular demand for something, we will do our best to cap it in a timely manner. Please leave comments for requests HERE.

.::♥ MODS ♥::.
ombre_tombee (a.k.a. "J" or "Sweet J" & poeland (a.k.a. "Poe")

.::♥ CREDIT ♥::.
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